Day              Venue                          Time
Mon           Bishan Stadium        5 pm onwards
Wed            Bishan Stadium           5 pm onwards
Fri                Bishan Stadium           5 pm onwards
Sun              Home of Athletics      5 pm onwards

Do check out the change of venue regularly @ 

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Percy Cerutty's philosophy and training methods are ahead of their time.  He was concerned more about developing the hold person, not just an athlete.   His Holistic (and natural) approach to training the mind and body probably holds lasting values for those he trained.  He had no peers then in the1950s and 1960s and many even thought he was a bit mad.  I don't, and I think he is still relevant amid our latest advances in high tech to improve human performance. our anchorman

--From Coach Philip

Words of Wisdom

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow."