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SMTFA Passion Challenge

03 Jan 21  - Javelin Challenge

03 Jan 21  - 1500m Challenge

Venue : Home of Athletics

Time : 1:30 to 5:30 pm

Registration Fee : $5.00 (Member)  $10.00 (Non - Member)

Event Fee : $5.00 per event

Please make payment via PayNow to UEN: S77SS0055K or Bank Transfer to Maybank 04051067142.  Kindly screenshot the payment receipt to or whatsapp to 94884965.


Dear participant

Before signing up, please take a minute to read through these precautionary measures.

As the pandemic is still ongoing, safe management measures will be enforced on the ground by Safe Management Officers appointed. 

Participants are to keep social distance of 1m apart from each other with masks on during registration, warm up and at the assembly area.  Groups/ Heats assigned will be spread and kept 3m apart.  Participants are not to inter mingle between groups. 

Please note that there will not be any award ceremony and certificates of achievement with your results will be sent to your residential address.

Important points

  1. You are required to report to the registration counter outside Gate 1B an hour before the stipulated time of your event to complete the following procedures in the sequential order:

    1. Temperature taking. (Participant will not be allowed to register if he/she fails the temperature screening)

    2. Perform SafeEntry check in.

    3. Collection of number bibs.

  2. You will perform your warm up at the field area next to the shot put pit.

  3. Assemble at the call area 10 mins before the stipulated time of your event.

  4. Stay with your assigned group/ heat in the stadium the entire duration.

  5. Put on your masks immediately after completing your event and assemble at the designated holding area.

Registration Form

To register, please fill out the information below.

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